This call is now closed as the budget has been fully allocated.


BBSRC has awarded Imperial an additional £35K for the Impact Acceleration Account. The additional funds must be used to fund new projects - the BBSRC particularly encourages the use of these to support “culture and capability development, including through the development of skills for KE activity”. However, this does not exclude other projects being submitted.

The BBSRC Open Call provides support for the College's academics to develop impact relevant activities which capitalise on the knowledge generated from BBSRC funded research and training grants. The resource can be used for a broad set of activities that deliver or promote the benefits of research and PhD training to a full range of end users across industry, the public sector and the third sector, such as:

  • Commercialisation of BBSRC-funded research outputs, e.g. funding small proof of concept studies.
  • Training of BBSRC-funded academics in knowledge exchange and commercialisation, e.g. hold internal business plan competitions or workshops.
  • Assessment for commercial potential of BBSRC-funded research outputs, e.g. carry out market surveys for new technologies.
  • Engagement of BBSRC-funded academics with relevant users of their research, e.g. hold showcase events to introduce businesses to applied research in BBSRC-funded academic groups or support short secondments to/from business.

The BBSRC Impact Acceleration Account can NOT be used for:

  • Patent filing or similar costs associated directly to registering intellectual property rights;
  • Non-specific Public Engagement activities and science communication (specific activities designed to have specific impact upon a specific public may be acceptable);
  • New research.
  • Undergraduate activities, core PhD training, masters degrees

How to apply

For more details of the call and how to apply, please see the BBSRC IAA Open Call Guidance (pdf). Applicants must include a completed BBSRC IAA coversheet‌ (doc). Activities and expenditure must be completed by 31 March 2022.

Note: When costing in Worktribe, Departments should select "Internal Funding" as project type and "Research Council" as the funder category.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the necessary changes to the working environment, we are asking PIs to include a statement within their Case for Support considering the risks and potential disruption the ongoing pandemic may cause, and what measures will be implemented to mitigate these. 

BBSRC IAA Deadline Schedule

This call is now closed as the budget has been fully allocated.