Astrostatistics is a discipline which spans astrophysics, statistical analysis and data mining. It is used to process the vast amount of data produced by automated scanning of the cosmos, to characterize complex datasets, and to link astronomical data to astrophysical theory.

Advances in astrophysics and cosmology are driven by large and complex data sets, which can only be analysed, interpreted, and understood by using refined statistical methods. In recent years,

technological advances have dramatically increased the quality and quantity of data available to astronomers. Newly launched or soon-to-be launched space-based telescopes are tailored to challenges associated with specific scientific goals. These instruments provide massive new surveys resulting in new catalogues containing terabytes of data, high-resolution spectrography and imaging across the electromagnetic spectrum, and incredibly detailed movies of dynamic and explosive processes in the solar atmosphere. The range of new instruments is helping scientists make impressive strides in our understanding of the physical universe, but at the same time it is generating enormous data-analytic and data-mining challenges. Thus, statistics has become an essential part of the pipeline leading to the correct physical interpretation. [1]

The research of Dr Roberto Trotta has focussed on developing advanced statistical analyses to develop our understanding of dark matter and dark energy. However, the advanced statistical methods that Roberto has been working on in this area, have a much wider applicability than just astronomy. In the modern world where we are collecting vast amounts of data where big data is a broad term to describe data sets that are too large and complex to understand with traditional data processing techniques. Over the last few years, Roberto has been working towards finding areas in which his statistical methods can find use in real world applications. In order to facilitate this Roberto has set up his own consultancy providing innovative data analysis solutions for the public and private sector. Roberto has also been collaborating with an innovative and dynamic SME, Inquiron. Funding from both the EPSRC and STFC IAAs has provided Roberto with the resource to further test the potential areas in which his statistical methods might be applicable. Hear Roberto talk more about this work in this video.