Funding is available to support impact relevant activities which capitalise on the knowledge generated during your EPSRC funded research and training grants. The resource can be used for a broad set of activities that deliver or promote the benefits of research and PhD training to a full range of end users across industry, the public sector, the third sector and the wider public.

Funding is available under two schemes.

Early Stage Scheme

Funding is available to support researchers who have identified an impact acceleration route for their research, however, have not yet been able to establish a strong connection with external partners, maximum funding available under this early stage scheme is for £15,000. Funding is offered to give researchers the opportunity to establish these greater connections and move the work into a position where it could become eligible to apply to the later stage scheme.

EPSRC Open Call Early Stage Guidance (pdf)

Later Stage Scheme

Funding is available for researchers who have established a strong connection with external partners or have established clear potential and a route to market in collaboration with colleagues in the Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Teams, projects are typically expected to be no more than 12 months in duration. Funding is offered to give researchers the opportunity to consolidate the potential of the research outputs to create impact and advance the research away from an academic setting.

EPSRC Open Call Later Stage Guidance (pdf)


For the April 2021 and June 2021 rounds of the IAA, see deadline schedule, the committee is offering the opportunity to apply for extensions to IAA projects. Eligible projects are Later Stage projects supported since October 2017 and currently ongoing KTS projects. Extensions will be considered for a meximum of 4 months. Extension requests should complete the EPSRC IAA Extension Request Form (doc), describing:

  • Progress to date, what outputs and outcomes have been achieved during the first period of IAA support and since the project ended?
  • What current barriers to further progress exist and what activities do you propose to undertake during the 4 months to address those barriers?
  • What will be the main deliverables from the 4 month extension?

EPSRC IAA Extension Request Form (doc)

General Guidance

Activities must be completed by 31st March 2022. Proposed activities should relate to research projects or studentships previously funded by EPSRC. Supported activities must be relevant to the EPSRC remit and it will be expected that those requesting funding will have had EPSRC funding in the past.

All applicants should complete an EPSRC IAA Cover Sheet  (not needed for extension requests) which must be included in their application. View the EPSRC IAA Cover Sheet (doc) (doc). 

In a change to the current process, applications to the EPSRC IAA are moving to quarterly deadlines on the first Monday of the month (unless otherwise specified). The schedule of deadlines are currently as follows:

EPSRC IAA Deadline Schedule
MonthClosing Date
April 7 April 2021
June 7 June 2021
September 6 September 2021