The UKRI IAA has supported the following projects.

Supported Projects

Round 1

Panel PI Department Title
Smart Rupert Oulton Physics Real-time neurotrophic computing hardware using optically addressed nanomagnet arrays
Smart Ruth Misener Computing Combining Machine Learning and Optimisation: Applications to supply chain
Smart Felice Torrisi Chemistry The IonGO Platform: A scalable printed graphene transistor sensor platform for real-time multiplex detection of chemical markers
Smart Joao Cabral Chemical Engineering POLYDELTA: Nanostructured Polymer Particles by the Bucket
Smart Riccardo Sapienza Physics Time-varying metasurfaces as programmable matter for optical computing
Smart Nan Li Dyson School of Design Engineering Deep Learning based User-Centric Software to Assist Design for Forming
Smart Thomas Heinis Computing Scaling Up DNA Storage
Resilient Katerina Tsiampousi Civil and Environmental Engineering Industry Assessment tools for segmental tunnel linings (IndAsT)
Resilient Amir Dezashibi Chemical Engineering Sustainable extraction and purification of vanadium from ash (industrial waste)
Resilient John Tisch Physics Developing impact from novel ultra-violet source and sensor technologies (NANO-UV)
Resilient Robert Gross Centre for Environmental Policy Heat and Networks: User Impact (HAN UI)
Sustainable Tolga Bozkurt Life Sciences Expanding the spectrum and potency of the newly discovered RNA silencing tools to boost biopharming and research purposes
Sustainable Jason Hallett Chemical Engineering De-risking EcoSAF technology, a new biobased anionic surfactant for detergent and personal care purpose
Sustainable Chun Huang Materials Advanced manufacturing of smart electrodes with designed microstructure for energy applications
Sustainable Nick Long Chemistry Organometallic-enhanced perovskite solar cells
Sustainable Omar Matar Chemical Engineering Graphene production via liquid phase exfoliation and on-line quality control
Sustainable Thrishantha Nanayakkara Dyson School of Design Engineering AI Based Automatic Flagging of Red Palm Weevil Infestation Based on Acoustic Data
Sustainable Jenny Nelson Physics Expanding community-scale renewable energy system deployment using system design software
Sustainable Giovanni Sena Life Sciences Prototype optimisation and proof-of-concept delivery of 3D-printed hydrogel module for vertical and space farming
Sustainable Magda Titirici Chemical Engineering PET Depolymerisation and Electrolysis to Enable Efficient Plastic Recycling and Green H2 production
Sustainable Hong Wong Civil and Environmental Engineering Seratech: Delivering carbon negative concrete for net zero carbon infrastructure 
Sustainable Chao Wu Civil and Environmental Engineering Maximizing the pozzolanic reactivity of recycled powders from wind turbine blades for green concrete production
Healthy Catherine Kibirige Infectious Disease Field Testing of a Sensitive, Low Cost, Ambient Temperature, HIV-1 DNA Quantification Kit with Broad Cross-Subtype Specificity
Healthy Ed Tate Chemistry Novel inhibitors of NorA to combat antimicrobial resistance
Healthy Danny O'Hare Bioengineering Development of drug authenticity testing for antimalarials
Healthy Ed Tate Chemistry Next-generation AND-gate protease-sensitive antibody-drug conjugates for enhanced tumour targeting
Healthy Thomas Clarke Infectious Disease Broad-spectrum live biotherapeutics to combat antibiotic resistant pathogens
Healthy Richard van Arkel Mechanical Engineering Closed-Loop Control of Bone Growth Around Implants 
Healthy Jesus Rodriguez Manzano Infectious Disease Monkeypox detection system for point-of-care diagnostics and molecular epidemiology
Healthy Nathan Skene Brain Sciences Creating commercial kit solutions for single cell epigenetic profiling of histone marks and transcription factors
Healthy Maria Kyrgiou Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction Metabolomics-based technologies as a bedside tool for the detection and treatment of precancerous cervical lesions and invasive cancer
Healthy Anastasios Karadimitris Immunology and Inflammation Harnessing the iNKT cell platform for combined cellular and humoral immunotherapy of cancer
Healthy Julian Jones Materials Translation of Bouncy Bioglass towards Spinout
Healthy Gregory Scott Brain Sciences Use of an in-ear EEG device in hospitalised patients with impaired conscious level: proof of concept study
Healthy Peter Weinberg Bioengineering Detection of heart failure in primary care and at home
Healthy Anthony Bull Bioengineering Appropriate and affordable prosthetic locking liner and suspension system for low- to middle-income countries and conflict zones 

Round 2

Panel PI Department Title
Healthy Rongjun Chen Chemical Engineering Optimisation and in vivo evaluation of bio-inspired nanomedicines for targeted thrombolytic therapy in preparation for commercialisation
Healthy Paul Freemont Infectious Disease Engineering self-amplifying RNA vaccines using mammalian cell-free expression
Healthy Matthew Fuchter Chemistry Fragment-Based Drug Discovery of SARS-CoV-2 Nsp16 Methyltransferase Inhibitors
Healthy Sarah Huf Surgery & Cancer Reducing healthcare inequalities by applying behavioural science-based interventions and co-design to improve outpatient attendance rates in targeted patient populations
Healthy David Mann Life Sciences Extending the patent reach of QIT to increase commercial traction
Healthy Spyros Masouros Bioengineering Translating our pressure-ulcer prevention device for the seated patient
Healthy Robbie Murray Physics Field testing a picosecond mid-infrared laser for mass spectrometric imaging  
Healthy Darryl Overby Bioengineering A Next-generation Explant-in-Chip Model for Novel Drug Development Applications in Cancer
Healthy Avinash Shenoy Infectious Disease Silencing unconventional proinflammatory alarmins with PROTACs
Healthy Anthony Sinadinos National Heart and Lung Institute Chimeric antigen receptor viral vector development for improved vector manufacturing
Healthy Molly Stevens Materials Prototyping a rapid, ultrasensitive multiplexed biosensor for the simultaneous detection of non-coding RNA and protein for diagnosing cardiovascular disease
Healthy Burak Temelkuran Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction Multimaterial fibre based catheter for localised precision mapping of drivers causing atrial arrhythmias
Healthy Alex Thompson Surgery & Cancer Wearable fluorescence sensors for non-invasive monitoring of gut function
Resilient Adrian Butler Civil and Environmental Engineering Automated Logging of Self‐Potential Gradients for Saline Intrusion Tracking
Smart Benjamin Barratt School of Public Health Warm and Well? Overcoming barriers to the take up of smart energy technology in vulnerable homes using peer-to-peer learning with older people
Smart Michael Breza Computing IoT Based High Fidelity Logistics for Trustable Shipping and Supply Chains
Smart Jerry Heng Chemical Engineering Validation of powder mixing regime map for inhalation drug formulations
Smart Catherine O'Sullivan Civil Engineering GeoCyl: Novel in-situ soil characterisation device for offshore applications
Smart Mark Sephton Earth Science and Engineering Next generation stable isotope method for forensic analysis
Sustainable Agi Brandt-Talbot Chemistry Continuous multifilament wet-spinning of lignin using low-cost ionic liquids for cost-effective, sustainable carbon fibres
Sustainable Chris Cheeseman Civil and Environmental Engineering Manufacture of carbon negative construction products through mineral sequestration of CO2
Sustainable Matthew Eaton Mechanical Engineering Segmented Kronecker Augmented Gaussian Process (SKA-GP) Surrogate Models for Data Driven Multiphysics Uncertainty Quantification of Thermal Fatigue within PWR T-junctions
Sustainable Alalea Kia Civil and Environmental Engineering Sustainable high-strength permeable concrete infrastructure (Hi-Pave)
Sustainable Mengzheng Ouyang Earth Science and Engineering Scaling up of the production of monolithic nanoporous metal through electrospinning 
Sustainable Zhusheng Shi Mechanical Engineering Development of an innovative Multiple-Cylinder-Extrusion (MCE) technology towards sustainable manufacturing of lightweight wide extrusions and commercialization
Sustainable Qilei Song Chemical Engineering UKRI IAA Upscaling and manufacturing of polymer membranes for energy storage
Sustainable Billy Wu School of Design Engineering Battery digital twins – A key enabler for more durable and intelligent lithium-ion batteries

Round 3

Round 3 is currently in progress

Round 4

Round 4 is currently planned for later in 2023.