When working overseas, ensure that a risk assessment is undertaken for any country that a member of the research team travels to, and take account of the College’s policies and procedures:

Travel, Working Overseas and Safety Accordion

1. Travel and expenses

There are actions you must take when planning to travel to ensure you have a safe and productive trip. Allow enough time to complete the necessary pre-travel planning steps, e.g. transportation, accommodation, insurance, visas. Complex trips abroad, working in remote areas or work involving high risk activities may take a number of weeks or months to organise adequately. These pre-planning activities should be initiated sufficiently in advance of the trip. More information can be found on the Staff Travel and Expenses webpage. 

The Expenses team are responsible for payment of all employee and non-employee (e.g. student, consultant) expense claims. All project expenditure must comply with funder terms and conditions and with the  College Expenses Policy. Where there is a discrepancy between the funder's conditions and Expenses Policy, the more restrictive policy will apply. Specific guidance can be found in the Expenses charged to research projects” section of the Expenses Policy.

2. Off-site working

Refer to the Off-site working webpage for advice on completing an assessment of the hazards associated with your activity and location, and to assist with identifying appropriate controls to reduce your risk of harm.

3. Working Overseas

This Overseas working guidance outlines the main areas you should consider and the process you should follow when employing new staff to be based overseas or posting existing members of staff to work overseas on a long-term basis.