Before departmental super user access to Worktribe is granted, users will be required to pass a test concerning pre-award research management.  This is to ensure that their knowledge is at a suitable minimum for such responsibilities.  Below are a number of questions users may have regarding the test.

Pre-award test

For maximum benefit, Worktribe is being restricted to a smaller number of administrative Pre-Award experts (“super users”). They will be responsible for creating, completing and checking all grant applications in Worktribe. This will reduce the administrative burden on academic staff, allowing them to focus more on teaching and research. It will also increase the efficiency of the internal Pre-Award process and improve data quality.

The purpose of the Test is to ensure that department super users are knowledgeable on all aspects of Pre-Award research management before system access is granted. The Test can also help to identify a user’s training needs. Comprehensive information and guidance is available in the Pre-Award sections of the Research Office website and other sources linked from these webpages. This will be supplemented by a number of overview sessions covering key areas relevant to the Pre-Award process which will be scheduled periodically each year by the central Research Office.

The Test comprises a set of random questions. The format of each question is either “Select the correct answer” or “Select all that apply”. For certain subject areas, a minimum number of questions will be presented instead of applying weightings.

The questions and areas covered were informed by input and feedback from Pre-Award experts within Faculty Research Services/Joint Research Office.

It is expected that Pre-Award experts will have a sound understanding and knowledge of areas such as: Full Economic Costing (FEC); Departmental and College pricing policies; what is acceptable price recovery or requires further referral; terms and conditions of their Department’s main funders; and Departmental and College policies, procedures, regulations and requirements relating to research funding management.

Users will be given two attempts to pass the Test.

Users will be required to pass the Test in order to demonstrate their knowledge before system access can be granted.  If there are any issues or concerns, the Research Office will discuss this with the appropriate Faculty representative to help offer solutions.