College stakeholders agreed that the number of staff members who can create proposal records in Worktribe be restricted to a small number of administrative pre-award experts (“Worktribe super users”) who are responsible for creating, completing and checking all proposals in Worktribe.

Access for new users is managed by the Research Office on the following basis:

1)    Access requested by an authorised Department representative or Research Services

Access for a new staff member must be requested by the relevant senior manager in their department, e.g. Department Manager, Department Operations Manager (DA/DOM), Research Services Manager (RSM). The DA/DOM or RSM should email Worktribe Admin and provide the name and job title of the staff member; confirm which cost centre(s) should be accessed;  and confirm that the staff member is replacing a previous user. Please note that superuser access is not automatically transferable between departments.

2)    Access request reviewed by the Research Office

The Research Office will review the request and either agree user access or contact the DA/DOM for further justification for access or any extenuating circumstances.

3)    Pre-Award Knowledge Test

Access to Worktribe is managed by users passing a Pre-Award Knowledge Test to ensure that they are knowledgeable on all aspects of pre-award research management. The Test will also help to identify a staff member’s training needs.

4)    Training via e-learning videos and guidance documents

Once the staff member has passed the Pre-Award Knowledge Test, the Research Office will grant system access and provide information about e-learning videos and guidance documents.