Specifically, our role is to:

  • Record, facilitate and manage the human and environmental impact research portfolio of the College, including healthcare research
  • Ensure the College and its researchers are compliant with legislation and regulations governing healthcare and non-healthcare research
  • Reduce and manage exposure to risk on an organisational and individual project level
  • Work with Investigators (employees of Imperial and investigators holding honorary College contracts) and associated NHS Trusts to advise on the design and conduct of healthcare research
  • Provide advice on insurance
  • Provide training and guidance in research governance and integrity
  • Assist associated NHS Trusts pharmacovigilance
  • Advise on communication between study partners and administrative services
  • Provide an environment that is attractive to funding agencies seeking to place research, and provide them with a point of contact

The Research Governance and Integrity Team is based in the Medical School Building, St Mary's Campus.  However we support staff across all campuses and regularly travel between sites, we are happy to arrange an appointment to come and see you.