The webpages within this area cover the available research management information, how to access reports, and all relevant guides and links. The Research Office primarily holds research information from:

  • Pre-award proposal submissions (Worktribe)
  • Post-award funding (ICIS Grants)
  • External competitor award and success rate data

Ad-hoc reporting

If you require any research reports that you do not think are covered here, please email the Research Office.

Data Quality

Whilst issues may only affect a very small proportion of awards, projects or proposals, the Research Office engages with Faculty Research Services and the Joint Research Office regularly to make sure that Worktribe and Grants data is of the highest quality.

It is the responsibility of Research Services / Joint Research Office to make any data corrections. Please contact your Grants Administrator if you notice any issues that may need correction.

If you have any questions or concerns about data quality, or anything else relating to research funding data (including dashboard access), please email the Research Office.