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Worktribe FAQs

I can’t access Worktribe/ I can’t see the ‘create application’ option, what do I do?

Imperial staff and students do not get automatic access and be able to create ethics applications in Worktribe. If you need access then please contact for further guidance.

Do I need to be using a college computer or have VPN to access Worktribe?

You do not need VPN or to be on a College computer to access Worktribe.

What do I do if my funder doesn’t appear on the drop-down list when creating an ethics application?

Contact Worktribe admin to add your funder.

My organisational unit is not correct, I have submitted my study and it has gone to the wrong departmental approvers what do I do?

Contact Worktribe admin to update your ‘org unit’. Once complete contact the Ethics and research governance coordinator to return your study to you so you can resubmit to the correct approvers.

I am completing my ethics application; do I need to submit the previous Word version of the application form with the head of department signature?

No, the Worktribe online application is the new application form. When you submit the study a notification will be sent to the Head of Department or delegated approvers that approval is needed.

Do I need to submit a protocol with my Worktribe application?

Yes. You must submit a protocol for ethics review.
The supporting documents required can be found on the research ethics application webpage. Not submitting all required supporting documents can result in delays in obtaining ethics approval.

I submitted my application a while ago, why have I not heard back?

Ethics applications submitted in Worktribe are automatically sent to the Head of Department or delegated approvers for approval prior to RGIT ethics review. You can check the status of the study by looking in the Comments tab in the Worktribe application. If it is with the Head of Department, they may need a reminder to review. Please contact the Ethics and Research Governance Coordinator for further guidance.

How do I find out what is happening with my ethics application?

The comments tab logs an audit trail of all the actions that have occurred in Worktribe.

My departmental approver has approved my study and the application has moved to triage. Is this the final step for the ethics approval?

No. The Research Governance and Integrity Team will now conduct an ethics and Governance review and you will be informed of the progress at each stage. You will be notified when the study has been approved.

Can RGIT review my study before Head of Department approval?

No, we need to know that your study has been approved by your Head of Department before we can do an ethics review.

Do I need to submit an application if the study needs to be reviewed by the Research Ethics Committees?

Yes, all research studies need to be submitted via Worktribe for ethics review. Studies will be sent to the REC via Worktribe for review.

I have made changes requested by the RGIT reviewer, but they have not responded, should I submit the study?

Once the RGIT have started their review do not submit the study unless instructed to by the RGIT reviewer. If you are waiting to hear back from them, prefix @ before their name with your comment in the Worktribe comments tab.

How do I know if my study has been approved?

You will receive a notification from Worktribe and the study status will be marked as ‘Approved’.

I need to amend a study that was originally submitted by email using the old application form, do I submit the amendment in Worktribe now?

No, for amendments to studies that were approved using the old application form submitted by email, submit an amendment via email. For Worktribe studies, amendments must be submitted via Worktribe.