For applicants

How do I apply?

  • Applicants should complete and submit an online application form via the College’s careers website. The next deadline for submission is expected to be 23:59 (GMT) Tuesday 27 August 2019

The application process for the 2019 round (i.e fellowships commencing in 2020) is anticipated to replicate the previous round. Details of the 2018 round are outlined below.

  • The application form has six sections
    • Applicants must complete Sections 1-2, and 5-6, which covers personal details, funding request, research proposal and CV
    • The agreed Imperial sponsor must complete Section 3.  If there is more than one sponsor from Imperial, each sponsor is required to complete Section 3
    • Any sponsor from the Francis Crick Institute is required to complete Section 4
    • Any sponsor from AstraZeneca is required to complete a sponsor form. The candidate must then upload this with the application form as an ‘other attachment’. Please contact Dr Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi for further information
  • Please provide answers in English within the text boxes, keep within the dedicated margins, and do not exceed the word limit and page restrictions as indicated on the form
  • Please refer to monetary values in £ pounds sterling
  • Please complete the form using Arial 11pt  
  • Applications without the required signatures will not be accepted. Signatures must be either original or electronic. Signatures that are a typed named only are not sufficient
  • Once sections have been filled, the application should be reviewed and signed by the HoD as confirmation that the Department is willing to host the fellow, should the application be successful
Letters of support

These details will be updated with information on the 2019 round in due course. Until then below relates to the 2018 round

  • Each application must be accompanied by a confidential letter of support / reference, usually from the applicant’s current institution. Where the current institution is Imperial, the letter of support must be provided by someone other than the proposed sponsor or host Head of Department. As this is a confidential letter, it must be submitted directly from the referee to the College at by 23:59 (GMT) 28 August 2018
  • Each application may also be accompanied by letters of support from any research collaborators, These are not essential, but will provide further information to the decision making committees and are therefore encouraged. This is not a confidential letter and should be submitted by the applicant with the application form as an ‘other attachment’
Once the application form is complete, applicants will need to:

These details will be updated with information on the 2019 round in due course. Until then below relates to the 2018 round

  • Click “Apply now” and upload the completed application form in Word format, using the attachment option titled “Supporting Statement/ CV” by 23:59 (GMT) 28 August 2018
  • Ensure that a confidential letter of support / reference from the applicant’s current institution is sent to by 23:59 (GMT) 28 August 2018

Note that Faculties/Departments may set their own internal deadlines (for internal condidates) that precede the official College deadline: please check internal deadlines with your relevant Faculty and Department.

What are the eligibility criteria?

For further information about the eligibility requirements, please see Eligibility in the Information for applicants section.

How long does the application process take?

We have shortened the application process and brought the deadline for applications earlier in order to provide decsions to candidates earlier in the year. For 2020 start dates, the timeline is expected to be as follows:

Closing date for applications11.59pm (GMT) 27 August 2019 (tbc)
Shortlisting October 2019 (tbc)
Interviews November 2019 (tbc)
Results of Selection Committee December 2019 (tbc)
Start date for Fellowships between 1 August and 1 December 2020 (tbc)

Who can sponsor me?

As part of the application process, it is your responsibility to find a sponsor. Applications that are not fully supported by an identified Sponsor will not be considered.

Sponsors must be senior, permanent members of staff within the Academic and Research Family at Imperial College, most likely Principal Investigators, and must be in a position to provide equipment and space to Imperial College Research Fellows. Sponsors must be permanent members of staff at Imperial College; Honorary members of staff are not eligible to be Sponsors.

From 2014, Imperial College Research Fellows have the option of having an additonal co-Sponsor through Imperial's engagement with the Francis Crick Institute. For more information on sponsors, please see Finding a Sponsor paragraph in Information for applicants.

Can Imperial help me find a sponsor?

It is each applicant's responsibility to find a suitable sponsor to support their application. The Imperial College website provides a good resource to help you identify the right person. Please see Finding a sponsor for more information.

What is my sponsor responsible for?

Sponsors are required to promote your growth and independence by acting as a mentor and contributing to your career development. It is also the responsibility of Imperial College London Sponsors to ensure that you have met all regulatory and legal requirements in order to conduct the research, and that all necessary licenses and approvals have been obtained before the research commences.

Your sponsor (and co-sponsor where appropriate) is also responsible for providing relevant equipment and space for your research proposal and to ensure that there are no additional costs for the College

Can I spend a period of time at another institution or in industry during the fellowship?

Where it is justified in the application, you may spend up to 12 months in total visiting other research institutions and/ or in industry including overseas; the maximum time spent at any one institution being 6 months. Where this is requested, evidence must be provided to reflect the partner’s willingness to host the fellow. No further funds are available for travel or subsistence above the research expenses awarded as part of the Fellowship so if these visits were not planned, you may need to secure funding from another source. This does not apply to AZ ICRFs, as an industrial placement forms part of the fellowship.

For sponsors

How do I respond to requests to act as a sponsor?

As a sponsor you can only support one fellowship application and sponsor one fellow at any one time. If you are approached by more than one applicant, you will need to make a decision based on the quality of the applicants and the scientific quality of their proposed research.

You are not obliged to accept a request to be a sponsor. If you chose not to sponsor an applicant, it is at your discretion whether you provide feedback about your decision.

I am interested in being a sponsor. How can I be matched with an applicant?

It is the responsibility of the applicant to find sponsorship. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and can identify potential applicants, you could encourage them to apply for the scheme. If you have you any questions or would like to discuss how you can best support the Imperial College Research Fellowship scheme, email