There are a number of ways in which you can work with the Resilient Sustainable Infrastructure Group. These are outlined below:

***We are currently hiring a Research Associate in Sustainable Concrete Construction***

  1. To investigate the effect of novel additives (e.g. graphene) on the structural and durability performance of concrete - details here

Research Associate Positions

  1. To quantify structural and thermal performance of next-generation permeable infrastructure using numerical modelling and laboratory/field testing - details here
  2. To investigate the structural performance of novel permeable concrete pavements, using numerical modelling and laboratory testing - apply here

PhD Candidates
We are continuously recruiting PhD candidates. If you are interested in addressing the research challenges then get in contact with us. 

In particular we are looking for applicants with one or more of the following experience/skills:

  • Concrete infrastructure
  • Sustainable concrete construction
  • Structural engineering/analysis
  • Durability of cement based materials
  • Cementitious materials
  • Permeable concrete infrastrcuture
  • Numerical modelling 
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Long-term infrastructure monitoring

Visiting Researchers
Get in contact with us to discuss potential projects and opportunities.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Projects
Get in touch with us to discuss potential student projects.

UROP Placements
Get in contact with us to discuss UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) openings. UROP is a summer work placement activity, typically 6-10 weeks in duration, that will allow the candidates to work on a research project within our active group.