Robotics Courses at Imperial College London

 The members of the robotics forum are dedicated to providing first-class quality, higher level education across all disciplines of robotics engineering and science. Whilst there is no dedicated undergraduate course in robotics or mechatronics engineering offered at Imperial College, there are various robotics courses that undergraduate students can undertake in different departments. A full list of these can be found below. Many of these courses are also available at Master's level. There are three masters programmes offered at Imperial College that offer robotics training.

Undergraduate CourseDepartmentCourse leader
AE3-418-L3 Applications (Design and prototyping) Aeronautics Dr Mirko Kovac
Neuromechanical control and learning Bioengineering Prof Etienne Burdet
H-CARD: Human Centered design of Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices Bioengineering Prof Etienne Burdet
Brain-Machine Interfaces Bioengineering Dr Aldo Faisal
Advanced Robotics Computing Dr Stefan Leutenegger 
Robotics CO 333 Computing Prof Andrew Davison 
Reinforcement Learning Computing Dr Aldo Faisal and Dr Ed Johns
DE3 - Robotics 1 Design Engineering Dr Petar Kormushev
Human-Centered Robotics Electrical Engineering Dr Yiannis Demiris
Machine Learning for Computer Vision Electrical Engineering Dr Tae-Kyun Kim
ME1-HMTX – Mechatronics Mechanical Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena
ME2-HMTX – Mechatronics Mechanical Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena
ME3-HECM – Embedded C for Microcontrollers Mechanical Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan
'Gizmo' Module on the 'Innovation Design Engineering' MSc/MA Mechanical Prof Peter Childs
Mr Andrew Brand
Dr Connor Myant