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AB - Robotic-assisted steered needles aim to accurately control the deflection of the flexible needle’s tip to achieve accurate path following. In doing so, they can decrease trauma to the patient, by avoiding sensitive regions while increasing placement accuracy. This class of needle presents more complicated kinematics compared to straight needles, which can be exploited to produce specific motion profiles via careful controller design and tuning. Motion profiles can be optimized to minimize certain conditions such as maximum tissue deformation and target migration, which was the goal of the formalized cyclic, low-level controller for a Programmable Bevel-tip Needle (PBN) presented in this work. PBNs are composed of a number of interlocked segments that are able to slide with respect to one another. Producing a controlled, desired offset of the tip geometry leads to the corresponding desired curvature of the PBN, and hence desired path trajectory of the system. Here, we propose a cyclical actuation strategy, where the tip configuration is achieved over a number of reciprocal motion cycles, which we hypothesize will reduce tissue deformation during the insertion process. A series of in vitro, planar needle insertion experiments are performed in order to compare the cyclic controller performance with the previously used direct push controller, in terms of targeting accuracy and tissue deformation. It is found that there is no significant difference between the target tracking performance of the controllers, but a significant decrease in axial tissue deformation when using the cyclic controller.
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