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Staff with access to shared rooms, can book these rooms through Planon, or by inviting the room to a meeting in Outlook.

See Department permissions to find out whether staff in your department have access to book shared and/or open rooms. 

Library Meeting Rooms (1)

Library L4 Meeting Room

ASL-04-408 (16), Shared

  • Known as Level 4 Meeting Room
  • Note: If your meeting includes external attendees, you must email; with the name of the meeting, date and time, location (ASL-04-408), list of attendees, and your contact details.  Your attendees will not be let in to the Library unless you provide this information or meet them personally at the Library entrance.

  • Directions: Enter the Library through the main entrance with your College ID card.  Take stairs or lifts to the 4th floor.  When facing the lifts, the room is through the swipe access door to your right.
  • Catering is allowed in this room and must be setup inside the room. Book catering here.
  • Facilities:  9 Rectangular tables, 35 chairs, PC, projector, 3 whiteboards
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