Describe what happened?

A Lab Manager found a bottle with corroded unreadable label - identified by the LabCup code as Trimethylboroxine - in one of our 90-minute fire rated cabinets that looks to have been corroded/leaking. It seemed to have caused some corrosion to the cupboard itself (the metal wire on the door for example). Safety Manager checked SDS and suggested that the leaking material could have formed peroxides, which could be explosive. Peroxide test was done and confirmed the presence of peroxides.

What were the immediate cause(s)?

Release of chemical materials.

What were the root cause(s)?

Not following the process of registering and checking of peroxide forming chemicals - clearer instructions are now provided.

Describe the action taken

The cabinet was taken out of use and the reagent bottle disposed as hazardous waste. Safety Department representative removed the formed crystals by dissolving them in ethanol and disposing as hazardous waste.

Images (optional)


IN015715 - corrosion leading to forming of peroxides