Staff from the Neuroepidemiology

Director, Chair in Neuroepidemiology Professor Miia Kivipelto
Chair in Neurology Professor Lefkos Middleton
Departmental & Project Manager Dinithi Perera
Lecturer in Epidemiology of Ageing Dr Sara Ahmadi-Abhari
Lecturer Dr Christina Lill
Lead Clinical Neuropsychologist  Dr Geraint Price
Research Programme Manager Dr Chinedu Udeh-Momoh 
Research Fellow Dr Celeste De-Jager (Loots)
Project Manager. Naomi Friel
Project Coordinator Jennifer Crispin
Data Management Coordinator  Dr Parthenia Giannakopoulou
PA to Professor Lefkos Middleton and Professor Miia Kivipelto /Research Unit Administrator Naia Headland-Vanni
Senior Clinical Research Laboratory Technician Kristina Lakey
Clinical Fellow Dr Dimitra Kafetsouli
Research Assistant Karen Abbott
Data Manager Banke Adeleke
Assistant Psychologist Isaac Walsh
Jamie Ford
Katrina Cosby
Clinical Research Administrative Officer  Inthushaa Indrakumar

Clinical Research Site Administrator Stefan McGinn-Summers
Database Manager 

James Mckeand

 Honorary Staff: 
  • Professor Alina Solomon (Visiting Professor)
  • Dr Anna Matton (Honorary Research Fellow)
  • Dr. Bang Zheng (Honorary Research Associate)
  • Dr. Catherine Robb (Honorary Research Associate)
  • Dr. Darina Bassil (Honorary Research Assistant)
  • Dr Barbera Mariagnese (Honorary Research Fellow)
  • Dr. Petros Takousis (Honorary Research Fellow)
  • Professor Robert Perneczky (Reader in Cognitive Impairment & Dementia)
  • Professor Roy Welsch (Professor of Statistics and Data Science)
  • Dr. Shireen Sindi (Lecturer in the Epidemiology of Ageing) 
  • Stan Finklestein MD (Senior Research Scientist)      
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