Staff from the Neuroepidemiology

Staff list.

Director, Chair in Neuroepidemiology
  • Professor Miia Kivipelto 
Chair in Neurology 
AGE Unit Manager
  • Jatinderpal Kalsi 
Senior Project Manager
  • Dinithi Perera 
  • Dr Christina Lill 
Lead Clinical Neuropsychologist 
  • Dr Geraint Price 
Research Programme Manager
  • Dr Chi Udeh-Momoh
Research Fellow
  • Dr Celeste De-Jager (Loots) 
Project Manager.
  • Naomi Friel 
Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Jenny Crispin 
Data Management Coordinator 
  • Dr Parthenia Giannakopoulou 

EA to Professor Lefkos Middleton and Professor Miia Kivipelto.

Research Unit Administrator

  • Naia Headland-Vanni 
Senior Clinical Research Laboratory Technician
  • Kristina Lakey 
Clinical Fellow
  • Dr Dimitra Kafetsouli 
General Practitioner Senior Fellow
  • Dr Bilal Sahib
  • Dr Christine OEsterling
  • Dr Devika Tharumaratnam
  • Dr Jill Tan
  • Dr Mariann Doneghan. 
Research Assistant
  • Karen Abbott 
Research Associate
  • Dr. Roxanna Korologou-Linden
  • Dr. Sujin Kang
Data Manager
  • Ashvina Newoor
  • Banke Adeleke
Assistant Psychologist
  • Jamie Ford
  • Lucy Dunn, 
  • Katrina Cosby
  • Shannon Taylor. 
Laboratory Assistant
  • Fathiya Elmi
Laboratory Technician
  • Mehmet Ali-Bas 
Project Coordinator
  • Stefan McGinn-Summers 
  • Oliver Robinson 

CHARIOT Participant Engagement & Administration Assistant.

  • Amran Hawiye
  • Izzy Barton,
  • Isabela Ramanath
  • Peter Macdonald 
Database Manager 
  • Devbrat Chauhan
  • James Mckeand. 
 Honorary Staff: 
  • Professor Alina Solomon (Visiting Professor)
  • Dr Anna Matton ( Research Fellow)
  • Dr. Bang Zheng (Research Associate)
  • Dr Barbera Mariagnese (Research Fellow)
  • Professor Roy Welsch 
  • Dr. Shireen Sindi (Lecturer) 
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