Reception area at the Imperial NEA Research Hub at Stadium House

The reception area at the AGE Imperial Research Hub at Stadium House

A participant signing in for a check up

A survey participant signs in to the research hub at Stadium House.

Participant in a consultation

A participant in a consultation with a member of staff from the Ageing Epidemiology Research Unit.

A survey participant during an examintation

A survey participant is examined by a doctor at the AGE Research Hub at Stadium House.

Close up of a machine in the laboratory at Stadium House

Samples being tested at the laboratory at Stadium House.

The Ageing Epidemiology (AGE) Research Unit has the use of two research hubs which allow crucial research on dementia to be conducted by our psychologists, research nurses and doctors. These hubs include a reception and waiting area, clinic rooms, consultation rooms and a laboratory.

Research hubs

Imperial Research Hub - Charing Cross Hospital

Imperial Research Hub
Charing Cross Hospital
Ground Floor, South Wing
Fulham Palace Road
London, W6 8RF

Main reception: 020 3311 0250
Fax: 020 3311 0249

Charing Cross Imperial Research Hub directions (PDF)

Imperial Research Hub - Stadium House

AGE Research Unit
Ground Floor
Stadium House
68 Wood Lane
London, W12 7RH

Main reception: 0207 594 5208
Fax: 0207 594 5332

Stadium House Imperial Research Hub directions (PDF)