Map of air pollution models

We use computer models to predict the health impacts of people’s exposure to air pollution now and in the future. We also test policies to reduce air pollution health impacts and to comply with air pollution standards.


We use a range of models to predict air pollution over very large areas, such as for the whole of Europe, and link these to models that can predict air pollution close to where people live and even from local roads. Working with other researchers we use these models to study the link between air pollution exposure and ill health in young people, the old and others that are vulnerable.

We are also interested in how people are exposed to air pollution during their daily lives and have developed models to predict exposure indoors and outdoors, at home, in the office and whilst travelling by car, bus, train and tube; as well as walking and cycling.

We have worked closely with London policy makers to implement major changes to the city, from the London Congestion Charging Zone to the recent London Ultra Low Emissions Zone and are currently researching the possible benefits to air pollution of the UK’s Net Zero climate change policies.

Team Members