Project Background:

Most small area studies use spatially and temporally detailed population and socio-economic data either as denominator population for calculating rates or risks or as confounder information.

Study Aims:

The aims of this project are:

  1. To update and clean the existing SAHSU postcode database which includes annual residential postcodes in Great Britain (1981 – 2014) and to attach the census 2011 geographical identifiers
  2. To update the socio-economic database (e.g. Carstairs index, ethnicity) in light of the 2011 census at COA 2011 level
  3. To update the SAHSU annual population database (by 5-year age bands and sex) in light of the new annual mid-year estimates published by ONS which have been revised after the 2011 census and to model annual population at COA 2011 level (previous version at COA 2001 level)
  4. To explore the impact of the denominator population on rate calculation by exploring the effects of different denominator estimates (a) SAHSU population, b) ONS population) on mortality rates in England between 2001 and 2015 and explore spatial differences by region and Local authority.

Health data:

ONS mortality

Benefits to Public:

Population data is the denominator data in most of SAHSU studies and therefore vital for any health analysis and health surveillance conducted by SAHSU. Socio-economic indicators are used to adjust for socio-economic status.