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The science of newborn care

The Neonatal Update has its origins in a meeting established over 40 years ago by the late Professor David Harvey, former head of the Department of Paediatrics at Imperial College London, a distinguished paediatrician known for having championed training in neonatal medicine at a time when the speciality had no official recognition. Professor Neena Modi took over leadership of the meeting in 2001, adding the strapline “the science of newborn care” and holding it annually instead of every two years.

The Neonatal Update is notable for including contributions from a very wide range of world-leading scientists and clinical researchers, many of whom have no direct involvement in newborn care. The aim is to introduce delegates to areas of science they might not necessarily meet in their day to day activities, widen horizons and foster new collaborations. The programme provides ample time for lecturers to explain their subject in depth and for discussion, comment and questions. Delegates come from around the world and a growing proportion return again and again.

Until the world was hit by Covid, the Neonatal Update was held over a full week in London towards the end of each year. Last year we moved to an online platform and were delighted to be able to welcome many more delegates from all over the world who would normally not have been able to attend. The programme incorporates two “young investigator” awards providing a platform for neonatal scientists transitioning or newly transitioned to independent research careers to present their work and discuss their programmes with a senior, international audience. Delegates have described the Neonatal Update as “eclectic”, “intellectually stimulating”, “like no other” and “the best and most interesting of all the many neonatal conferences around today”.

If you were a delegate at the 2020 Neonatal Update, you can still access the recorded lectures by logging into Teams with the log-in and password that you used for the conference.
On the left hand menu, you’ll find: 01 THE CONFERENCE TALKS. Then click Talks on the top bar.

Delegates from the 2019 Neonatal Update Conference provide their thoughts on the event.

Hear from recent delegates

Hear from attendees at the 2019 Neonatal Update as they share their thoughts on the conference.

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The Neonatal Update represents a meeting of outstanding scientific and educational value. We would therefore be delighted to provide our ESPR endorsement.  Charles Roehr, ESPR President”