Postgraduate fellows at the WHO Collaborating Centre at Imperial College

The WHO CC-ICL Postgraduate Fellowship Programme is a full-time academic programme (35 hours/week) aimed at Public Health, Family Medicine and Clinical Specialists. Candidates spend 3 days a week on placements carefully organised to reflect their professional interests. The placements are based within the NHS: GP Surgeries, Primary Care Trusts, NHS Hospitals, and Public Health England (PHE). The remaining 2 days a week are devoted to academic activities, taking part in academic work and engaging in research with the view of producing at least one paper for publication.


The Postgraduate Fellowship includes a range of internal and external courses to complement particular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements. Activities include weekly academic seminars, PHD and Fellows presentation skills enhancement group, a Journal Club, and monthly biostatistics seminars.


We typically offer a one-year programme with a possible extension. As our Postgraduate Fellowship is a bespoke programme always tailored to each individual Fellow’s professional needs, we also cater for shorter fellowships.


The WHO CC-ICL Postgraduate Fellowship Programme aims to skill future health leaders with practical expertise in public health, primary care, clinical medicine and health services research.

By the end of the programme, the fellows will have explored:

  • The principles and core functions of the British National Health Service (NHS)
  • The role of leadership in high performing systems and how it can benefit the fellows' health systems in their own countries
  • The links between academia (Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre) and the NHS
  • Patient-centred care approaches
  • Teams and how they work
  • Governance (clinical, financial and corporate)
  • Health services research and innovation, and its invaluable contribution to clinical practice and population health
  • High level of skills in their field/speciality

Duration and location

The fellowship cycles start in April and October and are based in the WHO CC in London.

Further information

For further information about the programme please download the WHO Postgraduate Fellowship Handbook (PDF)