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Frequently Asked Questions

How many assessors do I need for my assessments?

The assessment panel will include at least one independent academic assessor (a member of academic staff independent from the research ‘group', i.e. from the project and the supervisor) in addition to the supervisor(s). Assessors can only be selected by the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Senior Tutor (PGR) or Postgraduate Committee, who can choose to ask for suggestions from the supervisor.

A form says the Head of Department needs to sign - who should I pass this on to?

The form needs to be signed by the Director of Postgraduate Studies – please email the form to the PhD Administrator and we will arrange the signature.

What transferable skills courses do I need to attend?

Please see the Graduate School pages for your exact requirements. You must complete a minimum of 2 courses before your ESA, and an additional 2 courses before your LSR. However, you can complete as many courses as you want throughout your degree. Please note, these courses book out extremely quickly so try to book as early as possible.

How do I pay my tuition fees?

If you are self-funded, please see the Fees and Funding page.

Do I need to purchase my own computer?

Your department will provide the necessary computing facilities, but many students like to have their own laptops to take them off-site.  Please contact your Departmental Manager for further guidance. If buying a laptop, you can take advantage of preferential rates by purchasing it through Imperial. If unsure who to contact, please email the PhD Administrator.

How do I apply for an interruption of studies (IOS)?

To apply for an Interruption of studies (IOS), you will need to submit a request to interrupt your studies via MyImperial. If it is for medical reasons you will need to submit a doctor’s note as well. Please note you can take a minimum of 1 month as IOS and a maximum of 2 years. This includes maternity leave.

How do I enter writing up status?

You need to have completed all your experimental work and/or data collection and completed your minimum registration period. You also need to have completed your milestone assessments (ESA/LSR), and a Progress Report, before entering writing up status. Please note, you will remain in this status for up to 12 months or to your submission deadline (whichever is sooner). To enter this status, you need to complete the Application for entry to Writing Up Status (doc) and return to the PhD Administrator for processing.

Why haven’t I received my bursary this month?

This might be because you haven’t enrolled for the academic year via your My Imperial Student Portal or because the period covered by the last bursary form has expired. You should check My Imperial Student portal first and then contact PhD Administrator if that isn’t the problem. Please note, if you are returning from an Interruption of Studies, you bursary payments will resume only once you have re-enrolled via My Imperial Student Portal.

Do I have to pay for conference attendance to present a paper?

Some studentships include funds for travel to conferences. It is usual for students to be supported to attend at least one major national or international conference to present a paper; this should be discussed with your supervisor. If you are self-funded, the School can reimburse your conference and travel costs (up to £1,000 per year). You will need to complete an expense claim form and send it to PhD Administrator.

How much holiday do I get and how do I book it?

Full-time students may take up to 8 weeks of leave (including Bank Holidays and College Closure Days).  You should book this through your supervisor and for any questions please contact PhD Administrator.

What should I do if I’m ill/absent for a significant period?

You should submit a request for an interruption of studies via My Imperial, but please note that this will also interrupt any bursary payments. Your milestones and final thesis submission will also be pushed back. If you’re unsure of what to do, please contact the PhD Administrator.

How should I raise concerns about my supervision?

You can submit a Confidential Report Form (part of the Progress Report which should be completed every 6 months) or, if you want the issue addressed sooner, please contact the PhD Administrator or Senior Tutor.

Why has my ID/access card stopped working?

This is usually because you have reached the end date of your registration. For staff-students, please send your latest staff contract to the PhD Administrator. For students, please contact the PhD Administrator for assistance. Alternatively you can contact the Imperial ID office.

How should I format my thesis?

The College does not prescribe any particular format but guidance can be found on Thesis Submission and Vivas.