ID cards

Your College ID card is your personalised key for everywhere you need to be on campus

Your College ID card is a multi-purpose, personalised identification key for everything you do across campus. 

It grants you acccess to where you need to go, is your library and printing card, and even allows you to get your discount in College catering outlets. Make sure you carry your card with you whenever you are on campus.

Key information

Your responsibilities

Preventing unauthorised access

Our Access Control Policy outlines the importance of restricting access to certain areas within the College, not every area is suitable for every person. Be conscious of who is entering behind you. If you're not sure, you can ask to see their ID card. If they don't have one, kindly inform them that entry without proper identification is prohibited and advise them to approach Security.

It is vital not to loan your card to others. Any individual found in possession of a card not assigned to them will have it confiscated.

When leaving us, it’s imperative that you return your card to ID Office. This ensures it is safely deactivated and marked as returned in our system. Failure to do so may result in charges being applied.

Take care of your card

To maintain the integrity of the chip inside your card, it's important to keep it separate from Oyster cards, magnetic cards, and phones.

We offer lanyards and card holders for your convenience.

Replacing your card

We understand that there are circumstances where you may need to replace your card. The process varies depending on the reason. Regardless of the circumstances, it is imperative that you inform us of your CID or card number. 

Lost cards

If your card is lost, it's crucial to report it to the ID office immediately by e-mailing with your CID or card number. We will deactivate it to prevent fraudulent use. The first replacement is complimentary, but subsequent replacements will incur a £10 charge. You can pay by card at ID Office or the team can email you a link to pay.

We don’t accept cash payment.

Stolen cards

In the event of theft, report it to both the ID Office and the police without delay. You'll receive a Crime Reference Number from the police, which we require to issue you a new card. Failure to provide this number may result in a charge.

Damaged cards

Should your card become damaged or stop working, bring it to ID office for a replacement, If the damage was intentional, a £10 fee will apply regardless of whether it's the first replacement. If you don’t have the card anymore. It will be treated as lost, with potential charges.

Making changes

Updating details

If you need to update any details on your card, you must provide proof of these changes to either the Registry or Human Resources. Once the updates are made in their system, please allow 24 hours for the changes to synchronize with our system. It's important to note that we are unable to make any alterations to your card information at the ID Office. After the changes have been processed, kindly return your card to receive an updated one.

Amending access

To request access, please contact your department directly. Access requests must be submitted and approved by the Departmental Administrator or Building Manager. Please note that we do not accept access requests via phone or in-person, all requests must be documented for proper record-keeping and accountability.

Getting an ID card


Please ensure you upload your photo via My Imperial for your ID card at your earliest convenience to ensure you receive it on your first day. It's important to note that your card cannot be printed before your course start date.

In the event that you are unable to upload your photo or miss the deadline, you can have your picture taken at ID Office.

For card collection or induction arrangements, please contact your course administrator directly. If you need to collect your card from ID Office, please be advised that a digital or printed copy of a signed Day 1 Safety Induction form is required.

No appointments are necessary, we provide a walk-in service during our opening hours.

If you currently possess a card that has not been returned, you will not be issued a new card, even if you enrol in a new course or transition to staff status, until the existing card is returned. Failure to return the card will result in it being treated as lost, and charges may apply in such cases.

All cards must be returned to the ID Office upon the conclusion of your course or contract. Failure to comply may lead to delays in obtaining an updated card.

PhD students who have submitted their thesis will not have their student card extended. Instead, they are advised to contact their department to obtain a guest card, which will grant them access during their viva and corrections period.



New staff (South Kensington)

Please present your Contract of Employment and a digital or printed copy of a signed Day 1 Safety Induction form to have your photo taken and your card printed.

No appointments are necessary, we provide a walk-in service during our opening hours.
 All cards must be returned to ID Office upon the end of your contract. Failure to do so may result in charges being applied.

Without College Identifier

For individuals without a College Identifier (CID), such as contractors or cleaners, a photo ID card is necessary for access to controlled areas within the College.

To initiate the issuance of an ID card, departmental representatives should email the ID Office with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • Required access
  • End Date (maximum 1 year)

If no end date is specified by the department, the card will be valid for one year. At the end of this period, the department can request an extension.

Upon request, ID Office will set up the card and notify the department of the card number.

To complete the process, individuals must present to ID Office the card number along with a digital or printed copy of a signed Day 1 Safety Induction form for photo taking and card printing.

No appointments are necessary; we offer a walk-in service during our opening hours.

All cards must be returned to the ID Office upon the end of the contract or if the individual leave before the card expires. Failure to return the card may result in charges.

For other visitors, the department is responsible for setting up a contingent worker request, with instructions available on the ICT website.



Departments are responsible for managing guest cards and are required to maintain accurate records in case of any future inquiries. If a visitor needs access to sensitive areas, they should be provided with a photo ID card, as detailed in the previous section.

Below are some essential guidelines for guest cards:

  • Guest cards are supplied to departments at a cost of £5 each and can be re-used as many times as they wish.
  • The departmental representative should e-mail ID Office, providing the guest card number, required access permissions, and the activation and deactivation dates.
  • If access is needed to areas beyond the department's scope, authorisation from the relevant department is necessary.
  • For guest cards issued for periods exceeding 5 days, the authorising department must conduct a safety induction for the guest.
  • If a guest card is returned before the specified deactivation date, prompt notification should be sent to ID Office to deactivate it.
  • Loss or misplacement of guest cards must be immediately reported to the ID Office via email.
  • Regular audits of guest cards are conducted, and any cards that cannot be accounted for will be cancelled in the access control system.