Students participating in the GIS for Public Health course

Monday 8 - Friday 12 July 2019

Key information

Location: St Mary's Campus, London, UK

Course fee: £500 internal rate (Imperial College London & Public Health London), £800 external rate

Registration for the course is open.

Course director: Dr Daniela Fecht

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This specialist workshop on GIS for Public Health offers an introduction to GIS and how it is used in public health and epidemiological research. You will learn how to use GIS to prepare and analyse data for studies of environment and health, use GIS to assess exposures to environmental pollution, and explore and analyse patterns and spread of disease.
Specific skills and tools will be introduced in relation to assessing exposure to a range of environmental risks, and a particular focus will be given to methods for linking geographical and health data for epidemiological studies and health risk assessment.

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