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22-23 May 2023

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Key information

Date and times
22-23 May 2023

Online (recorded videos and live Zoom sessions)

Registration fee
External applicants: £120
Imperial staff and students: £80
Imperial MSc students: £30

Application deadline
Applications are now open and will close 5:00pm Monday 15 May, 2023

Course Organisers
Abbas Dehghan
Kostas Tsilidis
Ahlam Khamliche
Dr Verena Zuber 

Abbas Dehghan

Mendelian Randomisation 2023 schedule (doc)


Mendelian Randomisation is a method that is applied to observational data using genetic information and could provide evidence for causality. The approach has become popular in recent years due to improvements in methods and wealth of genetic associations that became available in past decade through genome-wide association studies (GWAS). It is a great opportunity to learn this method and apply it to your own research. We are aiming to set this course as an introduction to the topic to make it suitable for students who are completely unfamiliar with the approach, however, we try to address advanced cutting-edge methods that are used in Mendelian Randomisation studies nowadays. The course will include recorded videos and online live sessions as well as hands on practical exercises to enable participants to conduct their own analysis after completing the course.

Course aims

Participants will have a thorough understanding of the general concept of Mendelian Randomisation and statistical approaches building on that framework. By the end of the course, they will be able to run their own analysis, interpret the results, and critically read the literature.

Requirements for applicants

The applicants should be familiar with basic statistical analysis including applying regression models and basic concepts in genetic epidemiology. All applicants should have a basic familarity with R which is the software used in practical. We ask the applicants to have installed the latest version of R or R-Studio.

If you want to register for the course and pay via invoice please contact Abbas Dehghan.