Members of the wider network

In order to deliver high-quality evidence-based learning, the undergraduate public health department draws upon the experience and knowledge of leaders and representatives within academia, clinical practice and community roles.

We would like to thank our wider network for their contributions, which have been instrumental to the delivery of lifestyle medicine and prevention education at Imperial College London:

Prof Paul Aveyard, Dr William Bird, Dr Alex Bobak, Dr Sharon Cadogan, Prof Amanda Cross, Dr Austen el-Osta, Dr Filippos Filippidis, Prof Gary Frost, Dr Alanna Hare, Dr Samia Hasan, Dr Alifa Isaacs-Itua, Dr Bob Klaber, Dr Helen MacMullen, Prof David Nutt, Ms Carmella Obinyan, Dr Ayan Panja, Mr Tom Pearson, Prof Neil Poulter, Dr Rachel Pryke, Dr Noreen Ryan, Prof Sonia Saxena, Mr Jack Shakespeare, Dr Arti Maini, Dr Rupy Aujla, Dr Rosie Gilbert, Dr Alisa Sita-Lumsden, Dr Zoe Williams, Ms Anne-Marie Bruntse, Ms Mariana Gamba-Fadul, Mr Jack Lowe, Ms Tiziana Mangiaratti, Mr Daniel Mitelpunkt & Mr Tom Shawcroft.


Collaborations have formed an essential part of the LMAP resource development. We aim to develop our relationships with current collaborators further, while seeking to build new connections in order to further transform lifestyle medicine education.

If you are interested in collaborating with the LMAP team, please contact the LMAP team.