The Centre for Sectoral Economic Performance will investigate ways of improving the competitiveness of the UK economy and driving economic growth. The Centre’s activity will address the major global challenges facing economies such as net zero, economic competition, and technological disruptions that require a joint innovation, business, policy, and societal response.

The Centre – a joint initiative between Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering and the Imperial College Business School – will focus on the UK’s existing and emerging high-value industries across engineering, life sciences, and data science. Academics will work to translate rigorous research into industry sector strategies that address both firm-level and national competitiveness, working with companies across different sectors and their supply chains, alongside government.



  • To improve the competitiveness of the UK economy by focusing on the UK industries/sectors with the greatest potential for global success, and engaging with stakeholders to develop implementable recommendations, strategies, and policies that result in value generation.
  • To become the go-to place for researching and advising on the readiness of UK industry to anticipate and accommodate forms of market and technological disruption.