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AB - This thesis is based around the techniques used in theoretical and computational modellingof the spectra and radiative properties of non-LTE plasmas, particularly those which are photoionised.The thesis begins with a discussion of the concepts important to the modelling of these plasmas,and of the methods which are used in order to model them. Within this, the DCA code ALICE isdescribed in the context of a general discussion of collisional-radiative models. The code is thenapplied to the modelling of a laboratory photoionised astrophysical plasma experiment, and therelation of the experiment to astrophysical plasmas is discussed. A new experiment in that fieldis then proposed and the increased relevance of the new method to the astrophysical case isdemonstrated. Throughout the application of the code, several problems with the use of DCAcodes to model plasmas are discussed, and therefore the design of a new DTA code is described,some of the methods used within which are novel. The new code is designed to consider highdensity plasmas where the shapes of spectral lines are important and a description of linebroadening theory is given. This code is applied to the first analysis of a recently performedlaser-plasma experiment. The thesis concludes with a discussion of spectra of Germaniumobtained from NIF, and some possible unusual features contained within them.
AU - Hill,EG
PY - 2011///
TI - Non-LTE Plasma Spectroscopy
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