We have facilities for synthesis of materials, including wet chemical synthesis, hydrothermal reactor, and high temperature furnaces. We have equipment to process materials and fabricate membranes and functional devices inlcuding batteries.   We have access to equipment shared in department analytical lab for characterisation of structure and properties of functional materials. We also have access to the analytical equipment in other departments within the college, and facilities in other universities in the UK. 

Fume HoodFume hoods for organic and polymer synthesis (to be set up soon)

GloveboxWe have two glovebox system for assembly and testing of batteries in argon gas atmosphere, and for organic synthesis in moisture and oxygen-free conditions

ovenTemperature programmed ovens for materials synthesis and processing.

FurnaceHigh temperature tube furnace.

Location: Lab 121

CentrifugeCentrifuge for materials processing.

Freeze dryerFreeze-dryer for processing of polymers and porous materials. 

GPCGel permeation chromatography in department analytical lab, for characterisation of molecualr weights of polymers. 

FTIRFT-IR analyser for materials characterisation. Analytical lab. 

TGATGA with controlled gas atmosphere for thermal analysis, thermochemical reaction analysis, available in Prof. Paul Fennell's lab. 

TGA-MSTGA-MS for thermal analysis

DensityHelium pycnometer for measuring density of porous materials. 

DMA DMA analyser for mechanical properties and studying glass transition temperature of polymers. Analytical lab. 

gas sorption analyser tristarMicromeritics gas sorption analyser Tristar, for characterisation analysis of porous materials. 

Location: Analytical lab.

Gas sorptionMicromeritics gas sorption analyser for porous materials characterisation, including surface area, pore size distribution, pore volume, gas sorption capacity, etc. 

Location: Analytical Lab.

IGAIGA gas and vapour sorption analyser

GCGas chromatography (GC) for gas composition analysis. 

HPLCHPLC for chemical analysis.

Spin-coaterSpin-coater for fabrication of polymer thin films, membranes, functional coatings, and devices. 

Blade coaterBench scale blade coater for thin film coating and membrane fabrication. 

Large coaterLaboratory scale coating equipment for membrane coating, continuously, at m2 scale.  Available in Prof. A.G. Livingston lab. 

gas separationHome-made gas separation facilities for testing gas transport properties of polymer membranes. We have single gas permeation rig, mixed gas permeation rig, and home-made dual cell high pressure gas sorption measurement rig. 

Applications: study gas transport properties of polymer films and membranes. Adsorption of gas in porous materials.

ReactorsFixed bed and fluidised bed reactors available in Prof. P. Fennell's lab, for gas adsorption, reactions, catalysis, and sample processing, operation at atmospheric pressure and high pressure.

Battery assemblyHydraulic crimping machine for coin-cell battery assembly and disassembly. 

BatterytestBattery testing system for battery charging-discharging performance test.