Separation processes critically determine the efficiencies in chemical, energy and environmental processes, such as gas separation for large-scale energy and oil & gas industry (natural gas purification, CO2 separation, air separation, hydrocarbons separations in petrochemical industry, etc), chemical separations, and water desalination and purification. We fabricate novel microporous materials into sorbents and membranes for applications in adsorption and separations.

Part of the project involves collaboration with the group of Professor Andrew Livingston FREng and research groups in several UK universities (EPSRC programme grant project: From membrane material synthesis to fabrication and function).

High pressure gas sorption
High pressure gas sorption in porous polymers
Gas sorption
Gas sorption in PIM-1 polymers and polymer/MOF composites
Upper bound
Highly permeable and selective membranes for gas separation
Synthesis, fabrication, and functional applications of polymer membranes