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AB - Various physical processes in association with magnetic reconnection occur over multiple scales from the microscopic to macroscopic scale lengths. This paper reviews multi-scale and cross-scale aspects of magnetic reconnection revealed in the near-Earth space beyond the general global-scale features and magnetospheric circulation organized by the Dungey Cycle. Significant and novel advancements recently reported, in particular, since the launch of the Magnetospheric Multi-scale mission (MMS), are highlighted being categorized into different locations with different magnetic topologies. These potentially paradigm-shifting findings include shock and foreshock transient driven reconnection, magnetosheath turbulent reconnection, flow shear driven reconnection, multiple X-line structures generated in the dayside/flankside/nightside magnetospheric current sheets, development and evolution of reconnection-driven structures such as flux transfer events, flux ropes, and dipolarization fronts, and their interactions with ambient plasmas. The paper emphasizes key aspects of kinetic processes leading to multi-scale structures and bringing large-scale impacts of magnetic reconnection as discovered in the geospace environment. These key features can be relevant and applicable to understanding other heliospheric and astrophysical systems.
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