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AB - This Letter describes a new phenomenon on the Parker Solar Probe of recurring plasma density enhancements that have Δn/n ∼ 10% and that occur at a repetition rate of ∼5 Hz. They were observed sporadically for about 5 hr between 14 and 15 solar radii on Parker Solar Probe orbit 12 and they were also seen in the same radial range on both the inbound and outbound orbits 11. Their apparently steady-state existence suggests that their pressure gradient was balanced by the electric field. The X-component of the electric field component produced from this requirement is in good agreement with that measured. This provides strong evidence for the measurement accuracy of the density fluctuations and the X- and Y-components of the electric field (the Z-component was not measured). The electrostatic density waves were accompanied by an electromagnetic low-frequency wave, which occurred with the electrostatic harmonics. The amplitudes of these electrostatic and electromagnetic waves at ≥1 Hz were greater than the amplitude of the Alfvénic turbulence in their vicinity so they can be important for the heating, scattering, and acceleration of the plasma. The existence of this pair of waves is consistent with the observed plasma distributions and is explained as an oscilliton due to the nonlinear coupling between the kinetic Alfvén wave and the ion cyclotron mode, which belongs with the minor population of alpha particles.
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