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AB - Magnetic-field measurements are essential tothe success of many scientific space missions. Outside ofthe earth’s magnetic field the biggest potential source ofmagnetic-field contamination of these measurements is emittedby the spacecraft. Spacecraft magnetic cleanliness is enforcedthrough the application of strict ground verificationrequirements for spacecraft equipment and instruments. Dueto increasingly strict AC magnetic-field requirements, manyspacecraft units cannot be verified on the ground using existingtechniques. These measurements must instead be takenclose to the equipment under test (EUT) and then extrapolated.A traditional dipole power law of −3 (with a fieldfall-off proportional to r−3) cannot be applied at these closedistances without risk of underestimating the field emitted bythe EUT, but we demonstrate that a power law of −2 is tooconservative. We propose a compromise that uses a powerlaw of −2 up to a distance equal to 3 times the unit size, beyondwhich a dipole power law can be applied. When extrapolatingfrom a distance of 0.20 m to 1.00 m from the centre ofa 0.20 m wide EUT, we demonstrate that this method avoidsan under prediction of the field, and is at least twice as accurateas performing the extrapolation with a fixed power lawof −2.
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