Atmospheric physics missions and projects with group involvement

Current missions/instruments

 GERB GERB  A satellite instrument making accurate measurements of the Earth radiation balance from a geostationary orbit.
FORUM A satellite instrument designed to measure, for the first time, the Earth’s outgoing longwave radiation across the entire far-infrared with high spectral resolution and accuracy.
FINESSE   The FarINfrarEd Spectrometer for Surface Emissivity (FINESSE) can routinely measure upwelling and downwelling radiation over the range 6.25-25 microns with the primary goal of retrieving surface emissivity.
UNIRAS   The UNiversal InfraRed Airborne Spectrometer (UNIRAS) is currently being developed as a joint project led by Imperial College, with partners ABB Inc. and the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM), building on the heritage of TAFTS, but with additional scientific capability
Atmospheric physics missions and projects

Past missions

 TAFTS TAFTS  An airborne or ground-based infrared interferometer used to improve our understanding of the role of water vapour and cirrus clouds in the regulation of the Earth's climate.
 HALOE HALOE  A solar occultation satellite instrument to better understanding of the coupled chemistry, dynamics, and energetics of the Earth's middle and upper atmosphere.
CLARREO CLARREO  A satellite mission designed to measure infrared radiances, solar reflectances and atmospheric refractivity with the accuracy and resolution required to detect and attribute climate trends above the level of decadal natural variability.
Atmospheric physics missions and projects