The space missions the group is involved with and the data these missions provide are central to the research interests of the group. Instrumentation designed and built by the group is currently exploring many corners of our solar system.

Imperial College Space Missions

Current Operational Space Missions

Cluster Cluster Cluster is a scientific mission of ESA to study the space environment of the Earth
BepiColombo BepiColombo An ESA mission to explore and study the space environment of Mercury
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Post-Operational/ Continuing Exploitation

Cassini-Huygens  Cassini-Huygens  A joint NASA/ESA mission to Saturn and Titan
Double Star Double Star Joint European Space Agency (ESA) and Chinese Mission to explore the Earth's magnetosphere
Ulysses Ulysses ESA's mission to study the heliosphere flying over the poles of the Sun
Venus Express Venus Express

ESA’s first mission to our nearest planetary neighbour, Venus 

Rosetta Rosetta

An ESA mission to rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Trio-Cinema Trio-Cinema

A three spacecraft CubeSat mission to study Space Weather by making multi-point measurements of the magnetic field and energetic ions and electrons in near-Earth space and imaging ring current particles

Missions Under Development

Planned Launch Date: 2022
JUICE JUICE will carry out an in-depth study of the Jovian system and its four largest satellites, with particular emphasis on Ganymede and Europa. Imperial is leading the magnetometer J-MAG (PI. Prof. Michele Dougherty)
Solar Orbiter
Planned Launch Date: 2020
Solar Orbiter ESA's Solar Orbiter spacecraft will fly closer to the Sun than any previous mission, taking pictures of the solar atmosphere and measuring the local solar wind. Imperial is leading the magnetometer experiment (PI. Prof. Tim Horbury)
RADCUBE  Planned Launch Date: 2019 RadCube RADCUBE is a CubeSat In-Orbit Demonstration mission led by C3S (Hungary) under the auspices of the European Space Agency. Imperial will provide the magnetometer (PI Dr. Jonathan Eastwood) as part of the RAD-MAG payload led by MTA-EK (Hungary)

Missions Under Study and Mission Proposals

Missions under study:

Lagrange Lagrange Lagrange is a planned ESA space weather mission that will operate at the Sun-Earth L5 lagrange point

Mission proposals:

EIDO Scope
CrossScale The multi-spacecraft Cross-Scale mission will measure the links be tween electron, ion and fluid dynamics within key plasma phenomena such as shocks and reconnection
EChO The Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory (EChO) will be the first dedicated mission to investigate exoplanetary atmospheres, addressing the suitability of those planets for life and placing our Solar System in context
THOR THOR The goal of THOR is to understand turbulent energy dissipation and particle acceleration in astrophysical plasmas