The Imperial College Cassini Magnetometer (MAG) Group

Cassini MAG is a spacecraft instrument built to measure planetary and inter-planetary magnetic fields. It was developed for the Cassini Mission by an international team headed by Imperial College's Space & Atmospheric Physics Group. Launched in October 1997, the Cassini mission ended when the spacecraft plunged into the atmosphere of Saturn on 15 September 2017. 

Here at Imperial College we had overall responsibility for the instrument. This included planning and execution of flight operations, instrument data processing and long-term science planning for activities after reaching Saturn. As part of the science planning work we analysed previous flyby data sets from Saturn (visit the Planetary Magnetospheres Group page for more information). For more information click on the options in the menu bar to the right.

If you have questions or would like further information about the MAG investigation or instrument operations contact Steve Kellock. For more information on MAG science contact Michele Dougherty.