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Access our collection of Special Datasets, including Titan flybys (coming soon)

The Imperial College Magnetometer Data Server (MAGDA) is an online archive of the complete Cassini Fluxgate Magnetometer dataset. The instrument was designed and built at Imperial College London, one of the global leaders in building magnetometers for spacecraft.

From the MAGDA Server you can search for data from the entire mission and download it in multiple formats for your own analysis. You can also plot and preview your selected data which can then be downloaded and freely shared.

Launched in October 1997 and arriving at Saturn in 2004, the Cassini spacecraft orbited Saturn for 13 years. Its 12 onboard instruments collected a rich dataset and revealed many wonders of Saturn and its moons. The mission ended with the Grand Finale orbits, diving between the rings and the planet, before plunging into the atmosphere of Saturn on 15 September 2017.

Contact us: if you have any queries regarding the MAGDA server, please send an email to For more information on MAG science contact Professor Michele Dougherty.