• Patrick Naylor

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    Patrick Naylor Professor


    Patrick Naylor’s interests are in the areas of speech and audio signal processing and he has worked in particular on adaptive signal processing for acoustic echo control,  speech and speaker recognition, SIMO/MIMO acoustic system identification and equalization and multi-channel speech enhancement.

  • Mike Brookes

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    Mike Brookes Senior Research Investigator


    Mike Brookes’ research concentrates on the application of signal processing algorithms to speech and image processing and to software radio systems. He combines expertise in signal processing and digital system design to develop new algorithms and real-time hardware implementations.

  • Alastair Moore

    Alastair Moore

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    Alastair Moore Research Fellow

    Alastair is interested in microphone array signal processing and its applications, especially in the context of reverberant speech enhancement and sound scene awareness.

  • Sina Hafezi

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    Sina Hafezi Research Associate

    Sina's main research interests are in audio signal processing  for 3D Audio applications including source localisation, tracking and beamforming for microphone arrays. Sina is currently working on audio signal processing and rendering for applications in hearing aids, Virtual/Augmented Reality and robot audition.

  • Rebecca Vos

    Rebecca Vos

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    Rebecca Vos Research Associate

    Becky’s interests lie in binaural processing for hearing aids, and she is currently working on the ELO-SPHERES project. Her previous research focussed on the singing voice.

  • Pierre Guiraud

    Pierre Guiraud

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    Pierre Guiraud Research Associate

    Pierre's research focuses on speech enhancement for Virtual/Augmented Reality together with Facebook Reality Labs. His second project aims to improve binaural intelligibility for hearing loss users in real environments within the ELO-SPHERES project. His previous research focused on Thermoacoustics and Ambisonics.
  • Aidan Hogg

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    Aidan Hogg Research Postgraduate

    Aidan’s current research interests include speaker diarization, polynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition, multichannel speaker change detection, sound source localization and machine learning.

  • Vincent Neo

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    Vincent Neo Research Postgraduate

    Vincent's research focuses on polynomial matrix decomposition (PMD) and polynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition (PEVD) with applications to speech, audio and acoustic signal processing. More information is available at
  • Simon McKnight

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    Simon McKnight Research Postgraduate

    Simon's research focuses on devices that help improve speech intelligibility and speaker identification, with particular initial focus on speaker diarization.

  • Daniel Jones

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    Daniel Jones Research Postgraduate

    Daniel's research focuses on multichannel acoustic signal processing algorithms for various applications. His current focus is the development of a spatial audio encoder for microphone arrays in ASR and IoT systems.

  • Emilie d'Olne

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    Emilie d'Olne Research Postgraduate

    Emilie's research focuses on acoustic signal processing solutions for the support of dementia sufferers. This involves work on binaural beamforming with remote microphones or wearable arrays.

  • Francesco Nespoli

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    Francesco Nespoli Research Postgraduate

    Francesco previously worked on two-photon microscopy and spatial light modulation for neuroscientific applications at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) which grew his interest in time series analysis. His research now focuses on signal processing for asynchronous microphones recordings.

  • Eric Grinstein

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    Eric Grinstein Research Postgraduate

    Eric’s research focuses on developing solutions for sound source detection and localization on asynchronous microphone networks.


  • Vikas Tokala

    Vikas Tokala

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    Vikas Tokala Research Postgraduate

    Vikas's research focuses on the binaural enhancement of speech intelligibility using distributed microphone arrays. His research interests are electroacoustics, immersive audio and multichannel acoustic signal processing.