Our Active Lifestyles team is comprised of professional, passionate instructors to help guide you on your fitness journey!

Meet the team

Name: Saeideh Elli (Elli) 

Background: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sports Science and a Master’s degree in Sociology Of Sports. I used to be a professional Basketball player for over 20 years and I have worked in the fitness industry around 8 years.

Favourite class/exercise to teach: Strength and Circuits

2 fun facts: I love cats and I have British Blue Short Hair. I have been called Ferrari Driver by FIBA association during 3X3 World Cup game. (Because of my high speed in the game).

Why you think classes/gym is great for health and wellbeing: Classes and gym are great for your general health and wellbeing. Not only can they improve your muscles and strength but also help prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise also has a great effect on your mental health - with regular exercise you can change your lifestyle, improve your wellbeing and stay fit.

Email: s.elli@imperial.ac.uk

Name: Josh Massen

Background: I studied Film at university and started regularly exercising during the first Covid outbreak. I found it really helped with my mental health and I haven’t stopped since.

Favourite class/exercise to teach: Strength and Spin

2 fun facts: I love horror films. I used to work as a Children’s Entertainer.

Why you think classes/gym is great for health and wellbeing: Going to the gym or doing classes can be great not just for your physical health but also your mental health. I feel like staying active helps me feel better able to handle life’s challenges and stresses.

Email: j.massen@imperial.ac.uk

Name: Roxy Whitehall-Smith

Background: I have been working in the fitness & wellbeing industry for 7 years, and I’m a Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in Gymnastics Coaching, Pre & Post-Natal exercise, and am currently studying for a diploma in Exercise Referral (working with people with health conditions referred by their GP to become healthier/more active).

Favourite class/exercise to teach: Group Cycle and Learn to Lift

2 fun facts: Gymnastics is my favourite sport and I competed many years ago. Along with fitness I have a real passion for art & design, and my artwork was featured on Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 during lockdown.

Why you think classes/gym is great for health and wellbeing: Regularly exercising can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. The gym allows you space to switch off, have ‘you’ time and focus on working out in a nice environment and enjoy seeing what your body is capable of. Fitness classes are also a really fun way to exercise with others creating a united & buzzing atmosphere together, lead by a fitness trainer to help motivate you to keep going.

Email: r.whitehall-smith@imperial.ac.uk