Imperial College London, in partnership with Move Imperial, have developed a new five-year strategy for physical activity and sport. 

'The Future Of...' Physical Activity and Sport Strategy will look to promote, support and enable our students and staff to enjoy increase their physical activity in ways that are meaningful to them. With five overarching objectives, we hope to positively impact all aspects of physical activity, wellbeing and sport at Imperial.

'The Future Of...' strategy is an evolution of how we view sport and physical activity at College; there is no longer an argument to be had on the benefits that an active lifestyle can have at individual, societal or global level. However, there is still so much to be done about supporting individuals to make positive lifestyle changes that can increase their activity levels."

Will Hollyer

Head of Move Imperial


Our Vision

To make every member of the College community more active.

Our Goal

To enable and empower every member of our community to do 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Our Mission

By advocating the benefits of an active lifestyle, we'll work to empower our community to fulfil their potential through physical activity.