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Learn more about the ways we can support you so that you can focus on competing at the highest level

Imperial Athletes offers support to students who are competing at national and international levels, enabling them to perform and develop in their chosen sports whilst studying at Imperial. 
The support available is athlete-specific and is tailored to the individual. It is aimed at providing a holistic, multi-disciplinary service to students who have the talent and commitment to fulfil their potential within their chosen sport. In return recipients are asked to represent Imperial at sporting fixtures and assist the College in promoting the profile of their sport through social media and in person events.


Financial Support

Financial support is available through the sports scholarships. These rewards are in place to aid the personal development and ease of competing of athletes within their chosen sport during the academic year. These financial awards can be used for kit, equipment, coaching and competition expenses.

Strength and Conditioning

With performance gyms at Ethos, Putney Boathouse and Charing Cross we are able to provide students with the opportunity to receive coached strength and conditioning sessions. Scholarship athletes and performance teams will have access to sport-specific sessions throughout the week.

Support Services

We know that balancing the commitment of performing at the highest level with studying can be a challenge, so we aim to equip you with a range of support options. Through various workshops throughout the sports season, athletes will have access to nutritional advice and sports psychology as well as being allocated a lifestyle advisor for the season. 


We have access to physiotherapy services for all athletes, please contact James Perry james.perry@imperial.ac.uk for a referral.



If you are a member of staff competing at international or national level you may be eligible to receive additional support. This support is delivered by the performance team at Ethos.

Support Available

  • Access to the performance room when existing student scholar sessions are taking place
  • Access to attend performance support workshops
  • Access to physiotherapy and sports massage practitioners


  • Current Senior international representation
  • Current Masters international representation
  • Sport England recognised sports only, with Olympic sports being given priority

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial awards to staff members. To apply for or discuss the support available, please email hamzat.ahmed@imperial.ac.uk for an application form.