A picture of a blue pill being held between two fingers. Image by Tomasz Ryś from Pixabay

STRIVE - New immunotherapy treatment to eliminate HIV

Key Information

Principal Investigator: Prof Sarah Fidler
Sponsor: Immunocore Ltd.

Trial Physician: Dr Borja Mora Peris
Phone: 020 3312 1670

This study is a small first-in-human (called ‘phase I’) study testing the safety, tolerability, and effects of giving a completely new type of therapy to treat HIV infection in adults living with HIV. These therapies called ‘soluble T-cell receptors’ have been made by a pharmaceutical company called Immunocore, to target proteins of the HIV virus with the aim of destroying the infected cells. This type of therapy is already being researched for certain types of cancer and hepatitis B infection. However, the STRIVE study will be the first to test this in people living with HIV.

The study will initially test a very low dose of the new drug. If this is found to be safe and well-tolerated, the dose will carefully be increased and ultimately be given more frequently. Study patients will have been on antiretroviral medicines for less than 7 years and are otherwise fit and well. This study could lead to a change in the way medicines for HIV infection are given in the future.

Please find more information about the STRIVE study on the Health Research Authority STRIVE web page.