Contacting Egencia 

Egencia Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Egencia if I need assistance related to my travel booking?

Contact Egencia customer services preferably by phone (on +44 203 077 2551) for all booking related queries (e.g. changes to bookings, travel options and cancellations).  You can also use the Egencia Travel App which has an Assist Me function which will put you in direct contact with Egencia Customer Services.  The App can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

I am having trouble getting through to Egencia Customer Services, it is taking longer than expected to get through.

Customer Services are experiencing higher than normal call volumes at present which may lead to delays in call answering times.  Any non-urgent enquiries should be emailed to Egencia Customer Services at

Changing or Cancelling a Booking 

Changing or cancelling a booking

I have booked my flights already but am now uncertain about booking a hotel due to changing circumstances?

We would suggest booking a hotel with a pre-paid rate (as opposed to payment on departure) and flexible cancellation terms

Is it possible for me to cancel or change my air travel booking without additional cost?

Airlines may issue ‘flex’ policies for affected destinations, regions or countries as conditions change or new developments occur.  The Egencia Customer Service teams have access to the most current flexible travel policies.  They will follow the policies to minimize any additional costs that may result from cancelling or modifying your booking.  Please note that if a flexible travel policy has not been issued or if you change your booking outside of the policy parameters, then the original terms & conditions of your booking will apply (for example applicable change or cancellation fee).

Is it possible for me to cancel or change my hotel booking without additional cost?

Please always refer to the terms of your booking, in particular, cancellation terms which may or may not be flexible or refundable.  Some hotels may be flexible when it comes to non-refundable cancellation fees and may not charge the full amount of the booking.  Please note that Egencia Customer Services can only process your cancellation request AND refund for a non-refundable booking once the hotel has provided you with written (emailed) confirmation that they agree to the cancellation without charges.

Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance

I have had to cancel my booking or my booking has been cancelled, do I need to consider an insurance claim to recover costs?

Please see Travel Insurance FAQ on COVID-19 for further information.

Travel Updates 

Travel updates

Where can I find the latest travel and trip updates from Egencia?

You can keep up-to-date with trip specific or general travel updates by following the following steps:

  1. Check your travel Notifications settings which can be found within your Egencia Profile settings.
  2. Set your Reservation email settings to Receive emails for my trips only, including E-ticket emails.
  3. Select (tick) your Marketing communications setting to receive Travel and Website Alerts.

 You can also find travel updates when you log into your Egencia account at

Non-Egencia Travel Bookings

Non-Egencia Travel Bookings

What happens if I did not book my travel with Egencia and booked directly with an airline?

Please contact the airline directly for updates and changes to your travel.  Please always refer to latest College guidance for staff and students at