Become a catalyst for investment, jobs and inclusive growth

-  Imperial WestTech Corridor

Our goal: We will convene a unique set of innovation assets to create a vibrant new ecosystem of globally competitive scale that is a powerful engine for investment, inclusive economic growth and job creation.

Now: Our South Kensington Campus is home to world-leading Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and a magnet for top global research talent. Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine, created just 26 years ago, has brought together some of London’s world renowned medical institutions and NHS campuses to create a global powerhouse ranked amongst the best in the world for medical and public health research. Imperial's Business School has strategically positioned itself at the interface of STEM and business education and research, challenging old paradigms to imagine a thriving, equitable and sustainable business future. And our Silwood Park eco-campus is at the forefront of biodiversity science and policy.

With the rapid development of our new White City Deep Tech Campus, we have been able to create interdisciplinary research programmes of scale in areas such as AI, molecular sciences, medtech, engineering biology and climate science located alongside a growing ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, startups, scaleups, and industry partnerships. The next phase of development will see further expansion in mathematics, data and computer sciences, AI and machine learning and business. It is the anchor of a larger regeneration project and innovation ecosystem in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham – the White City Innovation District – demonstrating how a university can work in partnership with its surrounding community.

Next: The Imperial WestTech Corridor will position Imperial as the engine at the heart of a thriving innovation ecosystem. It represents a shared goal to create both a world-leading hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and technological advancement, and a global beacon of scientific imagination.

And West London has all the characteristics needed to deliver a globally competitive innovation ecosystem. These include exceptional anchor research institutions, a diverse and productive population, access to investment capital, high-quality existing and planned infrastructure including major transport links, and a political environment that supports planned urban development and inclusive growth.

Unlocking the potential of the Imperial WestTech Corridor will require a collective strategy involving the widest range of stakeholders. And its success will be a model for urban transformation and economic growth all over the world.

This defining opportunity will not be realised by Imperial alone. Collaboration of this scale requires an ambitious convener to demonstrate commitment and impact – and that convener is Imperial.

The Corridor will capitalise on five major innovation assets:

  • Albertopolis, home to Imperial’s South Kensington Campus and many of London’s leading arts, cultural and scientific institutions, museums and galleries
  • The rapidly growing Paddington Life Sciences innovation cluster centred around Imperial’s St Mary’s Hospital Campus
  • The White City Innovation District, host to Imperial’s White City Deep Tech Campus and Hammersmith Hospital Campus
  • Old Oak Park Royal, designated as one of London’s largest development zones and the planned home to London’s largest rail and tube transport hub
  • Imperial’s Silwood Park eco-campus, with its leading programmes and partnerships in environmental science, biodiversity and sustainability