Sparking the spirit of discovery early

- Imperial Inspires Scholarship Programme

Our goal: We strive to be a world leader in attracting young minds to STEMB and supporting them on their STEMB journey through life.

Now: Imperial has a proud record of innovative, inclusive and impactful approaches to engage young people and underserved communities in STEMB. We have been relentless in our efforts to remove barriers to STEMB education and careers, sparking the spirit of scientific discovery earlier and helping people realise their ambitions.

Beyond our support for aspiring scientists, engineers, and medics, our extensive public engagement activities bring the wider public closer to the scientific imagination central to our work. The flagship annual Great Exhibition Road Festival welcomes over 50,000 visitors as Imperial staff, students and partners showcase the potential of science to shape a better future.

Next: We are acutely aware that there remain students across the UK and around the world who still face barriers in accessing an Imperial education.

Our new Imperial Inspires Scholarship Programme will transform our ability to support underrepresented groups, here in the UK and abroad, to enter into and excel in our STEMB degree programmes.

We will take Imperial medical education beyond our London campuses with the opening of the new Pears Cumbria School of Medicine, our partnership with the University of Cumbria – training more doctors in an underserved region of the UK.

And we will capitalise on the potential of Imperial Global’s network of international hubs to broaden our outreach programmes and engage underrepresented communities all over the world.

The result of these initiatives will see us bring the brightest minds to the questions we ask at Imperial, no matter who they are, where they come from or their financial resources. Because that is how we will get the best answers. As any scientist knows, the most creative ecosystems are the most diverse.

“It is our ambition to inspire, build and nurture the world’s most diverse STEMB student body - to bring more of the world to STEMB and STEMB to more of the world.” - Professor Maggie Dallman, Associate-Provost (Academic Partnerships) and Vice-President (International)

Sharing scientific imagination with everyone

The Invention Rooms at our White City Deep Tech Campus are where the local community, Imperial staff and students come together to imagine, innovate and create. With cutting-edge facilities and plenty of inspiration and guidance, the Invention Rooms inspire the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and makers from the local area and beyond.

Imperial's Mathematics School, in partnership with Woodhouse College in London, encourages and supports school students to pursue fulfilling careers in science. The School is focused on increasing diversity in STEMB, making a significant contribution towards reversing underrepresentation of specific groups in academia and the workplace. It seeks to raise numeracy skills among school students in collaboration with partner organisations in London, bringing lifelong benefits to young people, their families and their communities.