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Provides guidance on academic issues, non-academic issues, and wellbeing

College counselling service

A free and confidential service available to all registered students of Imperial College London

Student Minds

Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity


A free and confidential listening service, available by phone, online, and in-person

Please discuss any changes in registration status with your Personal Tutor, Postgraduate Tutor, or Senior Tutor, or another member of department staff, as they will be able to discuss your options with you and help you make the right choice for you and your studies.

If you require additional support during your studies, please reach out to one the College support services.

Further information regarding transfer of programmes, interruption of studies, and withdrawal from College is available at the bottom of this page.

I want to...

Transfer programme

  • If you feel that your current course is not right for you, you may need to request a transfer. If your department approves the transfer they will need to notify the Student Records team
  • It is usually possible to transfer to a different programme within the same department, as long as the department agrees to your request
  • To transfer to a programme of study run by another department requires the agreement of your current department and the department you would like to join. Both departments need to inform the Registry that they are happy for you to transfer before the process can be finalised
  • In some cases a department may require you to transfer to a different programme, usually if your results are not suitable for a particular degree

Take an interruption of studies

  • If you need to take a temporary break from your studies due to health-related, financial, or other personal circumstances, you may want to take an interruption of studies 
  • An interruption of studies needs approval from your department (usually Senior Tutor, Director of Undergraduate Studies or Director of Postgraduate Studies). If the department approves the request they will need to notify the Student Records team
  • Please speak to your personal tutor, postgraduate tutor, senior tutor, or other member of department staff to discuss your needs
  • For undergraduates and Master's level students, an interruption of studies usually lasts for a full year, during which time you are not considered to be a registered student of the College. This means you are likely to be liable for Council Tax whilst on interruption, and cannot receive student discounts
  • See also the College Policy on Maternity, Adoptive and Paternity Leave Provision for Students

Interruption of Studies for health reasons

  • Once you have been granted an Interruption of Studies, you will need to provide supporting evidence to your department about who has been treating you whilst on your Interruption of Studies
  • You will also need to provide medical evidence to your department to show that you are fit to return to your studies. Please arrange to be seen by the College Health Centre to assess your fitness to return to your studies
  • Your departmental Senior Tutor/Director of Postgraduate Studies should send a report to the College Health Centre that outlines the reasons for your Interruption of Studies
  • Please check that your department has supplied this report before booking an appointment with the College Health Centre
  • For some illnesses, the College Health Centre may also want to assess you, for comparative purposes, at the commencement of your Interruption of Studies

International Students

  • If your interruption is longer than 3 months, you will have to leave the UK for the period of your interruption unless you have been declared unfit to travel
  • Interruption of Studies will affect your Student Visa, especially if you have a Tier 4 Student Visa. Please arrange an appointment with an adviser in the International Student Support team to discuss your options

Withdraw from the College

  • This is for students who intend to leave their degree programme prior to completing their final examinations. Once withdrawn, you cannot return to the programme at a later date
  • If, for whatever reason, you are considering withdrawing from your degree, please speak with your Personal Tutor, Year Tutor, or the Senior Tutor beforehand. Depending on the reason for your decision, there may be Departmental or College support systems in place, which can assist you. You may find that withdrawing from your degree isn’t the most appropriate course of action to take
  • If you decide that you would like to leave the College altogether without completing your degree and your department agrees to your request, your withdrawal will be processed once the department has notified the Student Records team.  Please note that you may need to pay fees for the period up to the end of your registration
  • Students who withdraw part way through a course are required to notify the department or division and/or the Registry, in writing, of their intention to do so
  • For student and departmental responsibilities in the withdrawal process, please see Procedure for Leavers who withdraw

International Students

  • Withdrawal from Studies will affect your Student Visa, especially if you have a Tier 4 Student Visa
  • Please arrange an appointment with an adviser in the International Student Support team to discuss your options