Cheating offences and plagiarism are taken very seriously and are dealt with according to the College’s Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure (pdf).

Types of Offence

Examination offences

Examination offences include (but are not restricted to):

  • Introduction into the examination room of any materials other than those permitted for the examination;
  • Removal of any examination script, any part of an examination script or blank examination stationery from the examination room except by a person with designated authority to do so;
  • Any attempt to confer with or gain access to the script of any other student during the period of the examination; or to collaborate in or gain access to the assessed coursework of any other student, unless authorised to do so;
  • Any attempt to tamper with examination scripts or coursework after they have been handed in by students;
  • Any unauthorised study and/or unsupervised absence of a student from the examination room during the period of the examination;
  • Impersonation or attempted impersonation of a student, including aiding and abetting someone to do so; both the student who is impersonated and the impersonator are liable to be punished.
  • Incidences of plagiarism, which is defined as the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words or work (including figures, diagrams, formulae and computer programs) as though they were a student’s own.
  • Contract cheating including the purchase of essays and other material from other sources.
  • Fabrication of data
  • Other conduct likely to give an unfair advantage to the student.


  • ‌Plagiarism, which is the presentation of another person's thoughts, words or images and diagrams as though they were your own and which is a form of cheating, must be avoided, with particular care in coursework, essays, reports and projects written in your own time and also in open and closed book written examinations.
  • Where plagiarism is detected in group work, members of that group may be deemed to have collective responsibility for the integrity for work submitted by that group and may be liable for any penalty imposed, proportionate to their contribution.
  • Further details relating to plagiarism can be found in Examination and Assessment - Academic Integrity [pdf]
  • The Library provides support and information on plagiarism: Plagiarism awareness