Tier 4 Responsibilities

As a Tier 4 sponsor the College is required by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) to fulfil our Tier 4 responsibilities.

The Visa Compliance Team is responsible for:

  • Ensuring all Non-EU/EEA nationals have unertaken a right to study check
  • Ensuring the College has an up to date scan of all Non-EU/EEA student’s passports and visas
  • Ensuring the College has up to date UK contact details for Tier 4 students
  • Informing UKVI if a Tier 4 student fails to enrol at the start of their programme.
  • Receiving and monitoring attendance data from Departments
  • Informing UKVI if a Tier 4 student’s status changes during their studies e.g. student takes an interruption of study, completes their course earlier than expected or transfers course
  • Issuing Confirmation of Accceptance of Study (CAS) to current students

In order to support visa compliance Departments at the College are responsible for:

  • Monitoring Tier 4 student attendance and informing the Visa Compliance Team immediately if a student stops attending their programme
  • Informing Visa Compliance Team of any external study for research, work placements or study abroad
  • Completing a Change of Circumstance form for any Tier 4 students that are changing course or interrupting. This should be sent to the International Student Support Team
  • Informing Visa Compliance of any authorised absences

A leaflet detailing student responsibilities in relation to Tier 4 can be found on the International Student Support pages

Detailed information regarding Tier 4 compliance procedures at the College can be found in the Visa Compliance Guidance document