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These pages provide information about accessing support and guidance if you, or someone you know, have experienced sexual violence.

What is sexual violence? 

Sexual violence is any kind of unwanted sexual activity/act, (including online) or sexual activity that was not consensual because it involved: pressure, manipulation, intimidation, threats, deception, force, or the inability to give free and willing consent due to intoxication, being asleep, or being tricked.

Types of sexual violence include rape, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, spiking, flashing, intimate image sharing, sexual exploitation, voyeurism. 

Sexual violence is often carried out by someone known, for example a partner, ex-partner, boy/girlfriend, friend, colleague or other family member. Strangers or someone unknown also carry out sexual violence, although this is less common. Sexual violence can and does happen to people of any age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, or background. People of all genders can experience sexual violence and it can occur in and outside of straight and queer relationships. 

We talk about sexual violence, however this does not mean there is always physical abuse or injuries. Being threatened, pressured or tricked, or taking advantage of a person when they are intoxicated are all forms of violence. The act of taking away someone's rights and control over their own body is an act of violence and abuse.

We have a team of Sexual Violence Liaison Officers (SVLOs) who provide confidential support and information for all students who have experience sexual violence, whether it happened recently or in the past. Talking to somone about sexual violence can be difficult, and making a decision about disclosing or reporting is a personal choice. Our SVLOs can provide guidance on the options available in a sensitive and non-judgemental way.

It is common for people to be confused or unsure of what has happened or not know the words to describe it. If something sexual happened that didn't feel right and that has left you with questions or feeling uncomfortable you can talk to us, we are here to listen to you and find some answers.