Register for the Imperial Award

The Imperial Award (2023) is available through the Blackboard Learn (BB) catalogue. To access it you need to access the BB catalogue and:

  • Log in using your Imperial username and password (top right corner)
  • Search for the ‘Imperial Award’ in the search engine (on the left)
  • Click ‘enroll now’ on Imperial Award 2023 course icon

 You will then be able to access Imperial Award 2023 from Blackboard Learn alongside your other course content.

What is the Imperial Award?

The Imperial Award is a programme encouraging personal development through self-reflection on your experiences, recognising this on your College transcript.  The Imperial Award is open to all students at Imperial, including UG, PGT, PGR and intercalating students.  

What are the benefits of the Imperial Award? 

The Imperial Award can help you:

  • discover more about yourself and your potential
  • develop practical self-reflection skills
  • develop your ability to ‘pitch yourself’ to various audiences
  • gain a formal recognition from the College

How do I complete the Imperial Award?

We encourage you to read the Student Guide, which contains all the information you need to start working towards the Imperial Award.

To complete the Imperial Award you need to register via Blackboard Learn.  

Once you've registered, you’ll hear from us about the Programme, upcoming workshops and other opportunities to support your progress.

If you need more information, we encourage you to contact the Imperial Award team by emailing us at

A message from the President

The President talks about the benefits of the Imperial Award programme

Student testimonials

Students explaining the benefits of the Imperial Award